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Dr. Balut Mauricio Gonzalez
An alumnus of the prestigious Loma Linda University, Dr Balut is the Creator and Developer of the “Pro-Torque” and ABP, Aesthetic Borderline Prescription” brackets manufactured by American Orthodontics. and the Orthodontic Mini-Implant, Temporary Anchorage Device, OMG from Zircon Prior Implants of Ukraine He also is a Former President of the Mexican Association of Orthodontics. He is on the editorial board of several international journals and has lectured around the world.

Dr. Borbely HC. Peter
Inventor of the KFO-Laser (produced by Krupp, Essen, Germany) that is applied in orthodontic diagnostics all over the world Dr.Borbely is a founding member of the Hungarian Orthodontic Society and its current president . He is also the founding member and the co-organizer of the IOS (International Orthodontic Symposium) in Prague. Founder Member of EurAsian Association of Orthodontists (Prague), Honorary Founder Member at International Dental Educationists Association. Dr.Borbély is Ambassador for International Affairs (Coorg Institute of Dental  Sciences, Virajpet, India) and lectures at various international universities as a honorary  professor.

Dr. Dianiskova Simona
Dr.Dianiskova is the President Elect of European Regional Organization of the FDI, Director of the Foreign affairs committee of the Slovak Chamber of Dentists , Director of the Revisory committee of the Slovak Orthodontic Society. Delegate for ERO and National Liaison Officer for FDI for the last 18 years and Head of Orthodontic Department, Medical Faculty, Slovak Medical University. Her talk will focus on digital Orthodontics.

Dr. Ivana Dubovska
Dr Ivana is a teacher and researcher in Orthodontics at Palacký University Olomouc·Institute of Dentistry and Oral Sciences, Czechoslovakia ,Dr.Ivana core work focuses on the emerging field of digital smile design and its integration into orthodontics. She has a key clinical practice in Slovakia.

Prof. Dr. Goonewardene Mithran
Dr.Goonewardene is the Discipline Lead and Graduate Program Director, Orthodontics UWA Dental School/Oral Health Centre of Western Australia. A graduate of the Forsyth Dental Center/Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, USA ..Goonewardene is a full member of The Edward Angle Society of Orthodontists and is Certified by the Australian Orthodontic Board.
He will be speaking on Contemporary Challenges in Treatment Planning Skeletal Malocclusion Patients with a Surgery First Approach

Prof. Dr. Jager Andreas
Dr Jäger is the chief editor of the Journal of Orthopedics and has been awarded the Arnold Biber award twice . He is the past president of the German Orthodontic society (DGKFO), currently serving as Professor of Department of Orthodontics, Dental Clinic of the Medical Faculty, University of Bonn, He will Interfaces between orthodontic and periodontal treatment - The current status

Prof.Dr.Dhirawat Jotikasthira
Currently the President of the Thai Association of Orthodontics Dr.Dhirawat is a Prof. and former Chairman, Dept of  Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University, Thailand., Dr.Dhirawat has published widely on the use of CBCT in orthodontics and on the biology of tooth movement.

Prof. Dr. Kalha Anmol S
Professor Emeritus, Chairman IQAC, Advisor on Research and Policy,CIDS. Associate Director & Advisor, Max healthcare, Co-founder and Chief Architect of Medeva knowledge systems, primarily focused on EHR, Deep  Analytics and AI based clinical decision support systems. Has been on the forefront of health care administration, education, clinical practice and research. A much sought after speaker around the globe, he has received lifetime achievement award from the FDI:SFDS, Invited to deliver the Prestigious IOS Oration in 2017 and received the outstanding teacher and distinguished clinician award in 2018

Dr. Karsten Johan
A practitioner with over 30 years of clinical experience with specialization in Pedodontics and Orthodontics, Dr.Karsten has worked as a Clinical Instructor of repute in the prestigious  Karolinska Institute and Eastman Institute.

Prof.Dr. Kau Chung H.
Dr.Kau is Chairman and Professor of Orthodontics at the Department of Orthodontics, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, and Clinical Professor in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston. He serves as the Director of the Craniofacial Orthodontia Clinic and his research interests are clinical translational research focusing on clinical efficiency, accelerated tooth movement, alternative aligner therapy and 4D jaw tracking. He is a King James IV Professor by the Royal College of Surgeons

Prof. Dr. Kharbanda OP
Dr.Kharbanda is the Director of WHO Collaborating Centre and National Centre of Excellence on Oral Health Promotion, Ministry of Health, Government of India. He also holds the position of Chief of the Centre for Dental Education and Research (CDER) at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi which is a Global Partner with Cochrane Oral Health Group Manchester, England. Prof.Kharbanda has a particular interest in Minscrew implants, MSI and automation in 3D imaging, Cleft lip and palate and Functional appliances. He is a visiting Professor at the Universities of Sydney, Perth and La Trobe in Australia.

Prof.Dr.Sridevi Padmanabhan

Dr.Padmanabhan is the Hon. Secretary of the Indian Orthodontic Society and is a professor in the Faculty of Dental Sciences, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai. An astute researcher she has numerous publications and presentations to her credit.

Prof. Dr. Radlanski Ralf Johannes
An anatomist, craniofacial biologist and an orthodontist, Prof.Radlanski is the President of the EurAsian Association of Orthodontists (EAO). He is director of the Dept. of Craniofacial Developmental Biology at the Center for Dental and Craniofacial Sciences, Charité - University Medicine Berlin (Germany), a guest professor at the University of California at San Francisco (USA), at the University of Turku (Finland), and at the University of Basle (Switzerland). He works as an orthodontist in a private practise in Berlin Mitte. His scientific work is focused on the visualization of prenatal craniofacial developmental processes, as well as on microstructural research.

Dr. Raiman Jan V.
Dr Jan Raiman is a founder member of the EAO and The International Orthodontic Symposium (Prague) and is currently the vice president of the EAO. With 4 decades of clinical experience he is the protagonist and initiator of the 4 seasons orthodontics
He practices a holistic treatment approach

Dr. Sabbagh Aladin
Holder of three International patents (SUS,Aquasplint and SARA), Dr Aladinsabbagh  currently is a board certified orthodontist/oral surgeon and lectures at various international universities as a honorary professor.
Dr.Sabbagh will be speaking on his invention and “Fascination and limits of the noncompliance orthodontic TAD´s / SARA” to demonstrate new innovated and traditional approved biomechanics of modern noncompliance orthodontics and their possibilities and limits

Prof. Dr. Watted Nezar
Dr.Watted teaches at the University of  Würzburg , Germany and is a world figure in terms of his contributions to multidisciplinary orthodontic treatment of patients., particularly in preparation for orthognathic surgery. He has published more than 400 articles in peer reviewed journals, has published 16 book chapters. He has also been awarded with the prestigious Joseph Johnson award..